Waste Management

Our environmental consultants offer coaching to help you reach the waste reduction goals established by governments for organizations. Source reduction, reuse, recycling, and upgrade are the basic practices that ensure eco-responsible waste management.


Financing programs

  • Table pour la récupération hors foyer
    • Financing organizations: Several organizations and businesses
    • Admissibility: The program is addressed to bars, restaurants and hotels, along with public areas
    • Project types: Recovery equipment
    • Financing: Up to $5,000 per establishment. 70 % of purchasing cost up to a maximum refund amount per unit.
  • Performance des ICI
    • Financing organization: RECYC-QUEBEC
    • Admissibility: Industries, Commercial enterprises, and Institutions (ICI)
    • Project type: Waste management
    • Financing:
      Level 1: Waste management balance sheet and performance improvement among ICI, 50% of admissible expenses up to $7,000;
      Level 2: Waste management equipment acquisition: 70% of purchase price, up to $5,000 for recovery equipment and $20,000 for organic matter equipment.

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Our approach

Having mastered the art, the Takt-etik team strives to find viable solutions to take waste management performance in your organization beyond the standards set by governments. We champion a stringent methodology which relies on the assessment of the internal capabilities of organizations (human, material, spatial and strategic) and statistical data, allowing us to bring out the trends and direct our interventions on specific issues. We spend several days on location to become familiar with the way an organization functions, and to meet with the people. This approach leads us to proposing credible actions to take within organizations, actions that can be implemented smoothly with the support of the Takt-etik team.


By establishing a waste management plan, you not only contribute to keeping thousands of tonnes of waste matter from landfill sites, you also stimulate job creation in Quebec. A Waste Management Plan (WMP) is therefore an essential tool that helps guide actions towards waste reduction objectives, as it includes:

  • An inventory of generated waste, per type of material (characterisation);
  • A statement of waste recovery, upgrade, and elimination guidelines and goals that is in line with government policies, and how to reach these goals;
  • A census of recovery, upgrade and elimination equipment, the case being, recommended facilities needed to reach the aforementioned goals;
  • Budget projections and plan implementation schedule;
  • A monitoring and follow-up system used to periodically verify how the plan is applied and, among others, the goal-reaching success and efficiency of the plan implementation actions.


Since 2008, Takt-etik is a preferred partner of RECYC-QUEBEC. Having contributed to the implementation of the Visez Juste! Program, our team has to date issued over 25 training courses on best recycling practice within various public organizations.


A program in line with the Politique québécoise de gestion des matières résiduelles, ICI, ON RECYCLE! aims to recognize local Industries, Commercial enterprises, and Institutions (ICI) that make significant efforts towards improving their waste management practice.

There are three levels of participation:

  • Level 1: Commitment
  • Level 2: Implementation
  • Level 3: Performance

Since 2011, the Takt-etik Montreal office has attained RECYC-QUEBEC Level 3: Performance. We can support your efforts towards certification, regardless of the level desired.

Consult the RECYC-QUÉBEC Website for further information on the ICI ON RECYCLE! recognition program.

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