Sustainable Events

More and more valued by organisations, sustainable event management changes the way we carry out our events. Looking to enhance participant experience, drive innovation and reduce costs? Takt-etik is there to accompany event organizers to implement concrete measures in each step of the process, from planning to dismantling, performance assessment and reporting.

To this day, Takt-etik has supported over 125 event organisers in the responsible management of their event and enjoys a vast experience and an unmatched expertise in the field. In addition to being among the enterprises offering event planning according to the 9700-253 standard of the Bureau de normalisation du Québec, Takt-etik has the requisite skills to back you up in reaching the most reputable international standards such as ISO 20121 and the sector supplement of the Global Reporting Initiative for event organisers.


Takt-etik is certified to plan sustainable events according to the BNQ 9700-253 standard.

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Our approach

Just like its team, Takt-etik has a unique way to support you in the responsible management of your events! We value a personalised approach and work together with our clients so that the sustainable component of their event is a resounding success. From the planning to the realisation of the event, we actively collaborate with you and suggest adapted and creative solutions. We are also hands on to facilitate the integration of different standards and guidelines in your event’s particular context and provide you with all the necessary tools to achieve the expected results. After the completion of the event, Takt-etik’s eco-advisor produces a performance assessment highlighting the successes and offering solutions to improve events to come.

Takt-etik’s expertise concerning responsible event management is adaptable to all sorts of meetings, from the smallest workshop to international conferences that attract thousands of delegates. Our realizations reflect our achievements!

A sustainable event

…is an event that integrates, at every step of its organization, actions aiming to reduce the environmental impact and to maximize positive social and economic repercussions in the community.  Such an approach begins with planning in advance and involves searching for new processes in order to apply the appropriate solutions. Measuring key sustainability indicators during the event process enables us to better evaluate performance and drive continuous improvement.

Responsible event management standard: BNQ 9700-253

BNQ 9700-253 is a voluntary certification program for the evaluation of practices in place during an event. It aims to create favourable conditions for individuals to take charge of their own actions relative to the application of sustainable development principles. Developed by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ), the standard assesses event management based on five certification levels, as defined by various requirements divided among five categories:

  1. Supplier selection
  2. Material, energy and water management
  3. Waste management
  4. Food and beverage selection
  5. Transportation management

Since the standard’s creation, Takt-etik has certified most events that are BNQ 9700-253 certified.

International standards

With thousands of sports, cultural, and professional events organized every year, responsible event management becomes that much more important on the international level with the development of new standards and recognized guidelines, notably:

  • ISO 20121 – Event sustainability management systems
  • Global Reporting Initiative – Sector guidance for event organizers


As a member of the Sustainable Event Alliance, a professional guild working in the responsible management of major events, Takt-etik is a prime partner to support you in the implementation of these methodologies and to break new grounds in the organisation of large-scope sustainable events.

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