Sustainability Strategy

Swapping your lifestyle for a healthier one is hard work; one you have to be well prepared for. Becoming a “green” enterprise involves integrating better management practises in your daily activities. In order to do that, you need a plan. Here are the tools we offer to support you in this process.


Takt-etik is the proud ambassador of the BNQ 9700-253 standard.

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Our approach

Guiding and counseling enterprises in their sustainable development approach is serious business! For this reason, Takt-etik’ is inspired by the approach of BNQ 21000 from the Bureau de normalisation du Québec. This stringent and complete methodology allows us to assess precisely the level of sustainable development integration within your organisation in addition to targeting the more appropriate actions. This diagnosis of your situation is usually followed by a sustainable development policy, a guarantee of the organisation’s formal commitment, and then by an action plan. Throughout the course of this process, Takt-etik gives special weight to a participative approach since it boosts collaboration as well as the sustainable developement ownership by each and every one.

Supported by Takt-etik your sustainable development approach will be able to address all or some of the following stakes:

Economical: profitability control, organisation’s sustainability, purchasing or procurement practices, impact on local development

Social: working conditions, skill development, participation and work, fairness,  occupational safety and health.

Environmental: Residual matters, energy, water, emission of greenhouse gas , other type of pollution, local environmental impact.

Governance: organisational culture, business strategies, business ethics, responsibility for services and products, governance.


Part-time eco-advising formula

This approach allows organizations to obtain the services of a Takt-etik eco-advisor on a regular basis (e.g. one day per week), who thus becomes the organization’s recognized sustainable development advisor. The person is responsible for the implementation of the action plan and carrying out of the sustainable development program. For you, it is the assurance that your program will yield practical results and be fully integrated with your usual processes. In fact, several organizations benefiting from this service end up taking full responsibility of their programs; a clear demonstration that part-time eco-advising is a step towards the self-management of your sustainable development.


Takt-etik coaches organizations wanting to joint an Enviroclub.

The result of collaboration between PARI-CNRC and Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation, Enviroclubs aim to reveal the numerous benefits of environmental management through ecoefficiency projects. The formula allows organizational managers in a region or within the same activity sector to make the most of the support of expert advisors and to participate in awareness workshops. Organizations taking part in an Enviroclub must pay registration fees in the amount of $4,000, but will receive the equivalent of $14,000 in services.

Since their creation, Enviroclubs have registered significant financial and environmental spinoffs for participating organizations. For example, Takt-etik made it possible for a Montreal manufacturing company to achieve recurring yearly savings of $20,000 by reusing cardboard as packaging material. Contact us to discuss your ecoefficiency project and see how it can lead to membership in an Enviroclub.

Work-Family Balance (WFB) Certification Program (BNQ 9700-820 standard)

For many families, reconciling family and professional activities is a genuine headache. To answer to the needs and expectations of their personnel, a growing number of employers implement initiatives that favour work and family reconciliation. Takt-etik has the full range of expertise to help you with your internal programs and, if need be, to help you comply with the standard BNQ 9700-820.

Hotel sector

Hotel establishments wishing to acquire eco-responsible certification (AHC Green Key Eco-Rating Program or RéserVert) can call upon our team to draw up the state of things and obtain advice on the actions needed to achieve the desired level.

The growing popularity of eco-responsible events means they are no longer marginal phenomena, but rather a general trend. Takt-etik has developed a specially designed offer for places of destination, and especially hotels. The turnkey solution opens business opportunities for places of destination and the possibility of becoming event-organizing partners! In fact, within the BNQ 9700-253 certification process, the place of destination alone is responsible for nearly one-third of the points an event can gather. Thanks to our offer, you can broaden your client base, create long-term partnerships, and be ready and able to meet the needs and expectations of event organizers!

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