Sustainable Procurement and Food Sovereignty

Takt-etik can help you define a responsible procurement or food sovereignty policy, in which the selection criteria for the purchase or rental of products or services are established. These policies allow you to make eco-responsible choices.

Our Responsible Procurement Approach


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Takt-etik analyses your goods and services buying processes according to their impact on the environment, their social benefits and their economic spin-off.  According to the results obtained, we suggest possible solutions, new ways of doing things and we help you define à concrete and realistic performance objectives.  Takt-etik creates tools, offers training for personnel and suppliers and adapts evaluation grid to insure an efficient and sustainable implementation of these objectives in your organisation’s processes.

Our Food Sovereignty Approach

Takt-etik support organizations wishing to act in food sovereignty. It works especially in implementing tangible changes in food supply, in selecting and promoting local and regional producers and in all sustainability-related communications.

Organisations can use several practises to easily integrate the sustainable development principles in the procurement process, such as:

  • The adoption of a responsible procurement policy;
  • The evaluation of suppliers;
  • The use of eco-responsible recognised certifications;
  • Life cycle assessment;
  • The integration of sustainable development criteria in call for tenders or the use of preferential margin.

In addition to representing an important environmental gain (reduction of carbon imprint and of residual waste) the adoption of such practises reduces purchase costs, and in a vast majority of cases, allows organisations to gain a significant competitive advantage. After all, it gives a better chance to become an official Quebec government supplier and is a guarantee of the social responsibility of an enterprise.

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