A cleverly orchestrated communication strategy is, without a doubt, the cornerstone of a sustainable development approach. It allows to relay values, beliefs and forward thinking, to build bridges between stakeholders, in addition to promoting organisational changes. An open and transparent communication is a guarantee of success and paves the way for a successful sustainable development approach.


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Our approach

Without communication it is complex if not impossible to inspire people to build projects and promote innovations. Since inspiring and promoting is what drives Takt-etik, we make sure to implement efficient communication strategies for our clients. Whether your communication strategy is conventional or « outside the box », internal or external, Takt-etik’s team relies on it’s vast experience and it’s insatiable creativity to provide you with a well crafted strategy, adapted to your project’s particulars.

Communication plan

A communication plan allows planning and coordination of the strategy chosen in order to convey a message to the target audience. Whether passive or interactive, the preferred communication tools are specified in collaboration with the client, according to the interests and budget of the latter. To this day, Takt-etik has developed and implemented several communication plans and is supported in this task by proficient graphic designers.

Awareness campaign

Raising awareness and interest towards sustainable development issues in people; it’s feasible!

Adopting original and unifying concepts makes Takt-etik a choice partner in the conception and implementation of awareness campaigns. For example, Takt-etik has orchestrated the 2011-2012 idle running engines campaign commissioned by the City of Quebec. To learn more about it, please read the project’s brief.

Training, lectures and workshops

Lectures and training workshops both contribute to raising the consciousness of the organisations’ members (employees, managers, suppliers, clients). They prepare the ground for the sustainable development approach’s implementation.

Takt-etik offers training, lectures and workshops that illustrate concepts using examples and on subjects pertaining to sustainable development such as waste residual management, responsible procurement, climate changes etc. Good practise guides are among the communication tools that enable the integration of change in the organisations; Takt-etik has developed an iterative work method that allows the creation of guides adapted to the clients’ needs. It’s a winning method for all stakeholders.

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