City of Quebec


As part of the MDDEP program Coupez le moteur!, the City of Quebec, mandated Takt-etik to oversee the implementation in the greater Quebec region, of a program to create awareness to idle running engines . This two-part program provided the identification of strategic location for 500 road signs inviting drivers to turn off their engines. It also prepared and implemented a major awareness campaign for the general public.

Obviously, this campaign aimed to reach the largest number of citizens to inform them of the city regulation and to encourage them to change their behaviour. Furthermore, this campaign needed to reach enterprises and vehicle fleet owners. Obviously, this had to be done in a positive way and avoid pointing the finger at citizens and enterprises.


In the framework of this project, Takt-etik put forward several innovations to the client, for the identification of strategic locations for the installation of signs (using a iPhone application), as well as for the awareness campaign. In this instance, the City of Quebec decided to go forward with the proposed concept and we produced a huge 60m3 ball that gave a visual representation of the impact of idle running engines.

We also worked together with garages certified  Clé verte so that they would promote the awareness of their clientele to the impact of idle running engines. Finally, to this day, we are still deploying an awareness squad in different venues and public events.


Throughout the first stage of this mandate, we produced over 300 maps locating the 500 signs to be installed. We also contacted directly dozens of property owners to promote their awareness to idle running engines and give them the opportunity to install a sign promoting awareness  on their grounds.  The signs were installed during the summer of 2011 in a large number of strategic venues in the region of Quebec.

Concurrently we created awareness among more than a 150 of the more important vehicle fleet owners in the city. We also distributed informative brochures in over a100 public venues in the region in order to reach a large number of citizens. Finally, to this day, we have made several outings with the awareness squad and the huge awareness ball, thus reaching  thousands of  citizens and bringing them to ponder on the issue at hand, thanks to this unsual tool.

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