Roche Diagnostics


An expansion project of Roche headquarters was the starting point of a sustainable development project for this diagnostics company.


Since the beginning of our association with Roche Diagnostics, we have conducted the environmental diagnostic of the enterprise and created an action committee to develop their sustainable development policy and action plan.


The waste matter recovery rate within Roche has significantly improved. At the same time, we initiated the health, safety and environment processes, and stimulated employee commitment towards environmental protection. Finally, a recognition programme for employees using active transportation was set up.
In 2007, Roche was nominated at the Dunamis Gala of the Chambre de commerce et de l’industrie de Laval (CCIL), in the sustainable development category. The company has been awarded ICI on recycle, Level 2 certification from RECYC-QUÉBEC and is a committed member of the CCIL sustainable development committee.

“Having a project manager from Takt-etik working part-time in the company’s office made it possible to tailor the sustainability policy and action plan to the organizational culture.” Marc, project manager

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