Quebec Metro High Tech Park


With over 100 enterprises and 5,000 workers, Quebec Metro High Tech Park is a beacon for the Quebec City area economy. To generate a wind of change and position the Park as a national and international example of sustainable development, management called upon the services of Takt-etik to start up, manage and host and inter-organization club for sustainable development (Club DD). To launch the club and take practical action, the Park also wanted to launch a waste management improvement project aiming to reduce collection costs, increase the quantities of upgraded materials and create inter-organizational synergies. Despite many past attempts, neither the club nor the project has taken life. Takt-etik was commissioned to make sure the results were positive this time around.


Having brought together more than 20 enterprises comprising 70% of Park workers within Club DD, Takt-etik has deployed, together with the CRIQ, an initial organizational waste management project. A total of 11 enterprises, representing 60% of Park workers, participated in the project, which included:

  • An audit of the quantities and types of waste materials produced, collection processes, and associated costs.
  • An analysis for the proposal of scenarios leading to lower costs and improved waste management.

Having contacted the waste collection companies servicing the Park, Takt-etik identified ways for these companies to reduce their waste collection costs while increasing quantities.


Following the project, several upgrading actions were implemented within the companies and most also received ICI on Recycle Level 2 certification, rewarding their efforts. One of the companies now makes compost with their organic waste and another is currently developing a waste management plan.

Several have also created training programmes for their employees.

  • Moreover, Parc technologique has applied most of the recommendations found in the final report and has recently started offering additional services to its resident companies, such as the collection of information materials, batteries, fluorescent lamps, waste oils, and paints.
  • A paper and confidential document collection agreement has also been set up.

To date, Takt-etik continues to host Club DD monthly meetings with varied themes on sustainable mobility, eco-effectiveness, waste management, and sustainable development.

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