Groupe Le Massif


With the opening of Hotel La Ferme and the launch of the Train, Groupe Le Massif’s project in Charlevoix was a turning point. It was the perfect timing to strengthen the organization’s commitment to sustainability.

Going from a phase of idea generation and design to one of operations, Groupe Le Massif wanted to structure its daily activities around sustainability and to communicate this commitment to the general public.

Through a collaboration with Takt-etik, Groupe Le Massif wanted to evaluate the sustainability performance of all three of its core businesses (the ski resort, the train and the hotel), develop a clear sustainability policy outlining its major commitments to stakeholders, and build an action plan that would bring real changes to its operations.


For this project, Takt-etik relied on the BNQ 21000 methodology. Through various meetings and discussions with managers and employees, we produced a thorough sustainability diagnosis of the company. This first step highlighted the many initiatives already implemented during the delivery phase of the project, in addition to providing a gap analysis of the differences between the original plan and the project delivered in terms of sustainability.

Having agreed with the Steering Committee on the main areas of focus, we developed a sustainability action plan aimed at positioning Groupe Le Massif as a leader in its field of activities. This plan was designed to ensure cohesion between the approaches of each of the core businesses and to create a genuine culture of sustainability within the company. So we divided the principal areas of focus into specific goals and actions, while developing a set of indicators to monitor the company’s sustainability performance.

Finally, Takt-etik drafted a sustainability policy in an innovative style and made sure it was framed according to the organization’s foundation documents.


Leaving alone those companies participating in the BNQ 21000 pilot projects, Groupe Le Massif became one of the first organizations in Quebec to complete its strategic sustainability planning exercise based on this methodology.

The Sustainability Policy and the Sustainability Action Plan were both approved and applauded by Groupe Le Massif’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The action plan will now allow the company to implement concrete sustainable actions and to position itself as a leader.

Obviously, with this level of commitment and buy-in, Groupe Le Massif will now publicize the main features of its sustainability plan both customers and employees.

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