Groupe Dufour


Groupe Dufour wanted to open a new business avenue by offering a specialized eco-responsible event hosting service. Takt-etik was asked to propose solutions enabling the group’s beacon hotels (Clarendon and Val-des-Neiges) to organize this type of event, within the limited financial and human resources available to this SME.


First, we assessed what was already being done, and then we evaluated how the two hotels could be enabled to host such events. We met with the staff on several occasions to make sure of their commitment to the approach; then we created an eco-responsible menu. We improved the waste management system, created eco-responsible event packages, etc. We also created tools allowing Groupe Dufour consultants to become autonomous in offering eco-responsible events.


The Val-des-Neiges Hotel hosted the Eole 2010 trade show, a large-scale event and one of the largest ever organized at Val-des-Neiges. It was directly inline with the “eco-responsible event” option offered by the hotel.

Note that Groupe Dufour was a laureate at the 2010 Gala Reconnaissance of the Côte-de-Beaupré chamber of commerce, tourism category.

“Thanks to joining Quebec City’s organic waste collection pilot project, the Clarendon Hotel managed to eliminate one waste pick up per week,  thus saving several thousands of dollars per year.” Matthieu, project manager

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