With the rapid growth in the number of events organized by their team, Gestev asked Takt-etik for support with the responsible management of these events. Involving the coordination of waste management, improved signage and infrastructures, and event management according to standard BNQ 9700-253, Takt-etik had to support the existing team and deliver a fault-free eco-responsible event. Of course, the task demanded the full collaboration of the Gestev staff, meaning that the Takt-etik advisor had to become fully integrated with the Gestev team.


To ensure continuity in the eco-responsible aspect of management for all events, Takt-etik developed a formal partnership agreement with Gestev. We then endeavoured to optimize their event waste management system by reformulating the equipment, signage, as well as the waste-matter sorting and collection process.

We thus developed a new way to involve exhibitors in the waste-matter collection process, reformulated the role of the green squad, and implemented a system for assessing the carbon footprint of the events. Above all, we found a simple and efficient way to work these different aspects, in the image of our organization.


To this day, several large-scale events organized by Gestev have been backed by Takt-etik, and these events have generally achieved impressive eco-responsible results. For example, the Snowboard Jamboree 2011 and Vélirium 2011 achieved level 2 of the standard BNQ 9700-253. This is quite an accomplishment for such large-scale events.

Moreover, Gestev and the GesteVert program are now cited as examples in the event organizing industry. This partnership clearly shows that collaboration between two BNQ 9700-253 certified organizations can lead to unmitigated success in the field of event organizing.

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