Fondation de la faune du Québec


Thanks to a special collaboration with the Centre des congrès de Québec, in recent years, the Fondation de la faune du Québec was able to offer event planners holding sustainable events, the possibility of compensating for the environmental footprint generated by their event through a financial participation towards nature conservation. However this program had little structure and did not really differ from a simple donation to an organisation with an environmental mission.

Considering the rise in popularity of the sustainable events, la Fondation de la faune wished to develop a more structured and stringent program to better meet the needs of the community. A program that would be ultimately more appealing for the clients. To avoid confusion, this program clearly had to distance itself from carbon compensation. It also had to be appealing for enterprises as well as for event planners.


La Fondation de la faune commissioned Takt-etik to build a custom program for the needs of eco-responsible events, relying on its knowledge of eco-advising for sustainable events. This program was based on best practices on the national and internal levels and also had to be in accord with BNQ 9700-253 standard in responsible event management.

Based on the most recent practises in conservation projects funding, we presented a program that allowed events planners to choose a conservation projects according to their interests  (ex choice of specie to protect, choice of the region to host the project) This program increased the contributors’ sense of belonging to the projects. The program also made more tangible the results obtained.


Thanks to the collaboration between Takt- etik, the Fondation de la faune and Egzakt, communication agency, we developed the program  “Adoptez un habitat”. This program allows event planners and enterprises to choose the project they want to contribute to. In addition to developing the program’s structure, we advised the Fondation de la faune on the best type of management for this program. Following the launch of the program, enterprises such as Boralex, Samson Bélair/Deloitte & Touche and Rio Tinto iron and titanium, immediately announced their contribution. Less than a month later, the Fund reached several thousands of dollars.

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